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Many professional “to the trade” journals protect their web archives from the innocent eyes of consumers. Not so the Professional Jeweler Magazine. There you can find info on the gem and precious metal trade, designed to keep jewelers informed about the many supplies and variables their livelihood depends on. The site has various organized lists of the magazine’s archives, for example, the gemstones archive page where I learned that NBC’s Dateline had done an expose on the use of fillers in emeralds (which are notoriously flawed; in fact, if anyone ever tries to sell you a flawless “genuine” emerald, run the other way). For lots of fun with DeBeers (and their now-postponed plan to bypass diamond sellers and brand their own cut diamonds), check out the diamond archive. There is also an archive just for the conflict diamonds crisis (the U.N. is now considering a certification process to ensure that diamonds aren’t coming from shady circumstances in Africa).

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