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I didn’t take much notice of Seattle’s King Street Station when I picked up friends arriving on Amtrak. It was just another run down, neglected train station with little glory left after “modernizing” renovations hid much of the circa 1905 ornate interior. But Seattle has managed to gather up funds to restore King Street Station and various sources are contributing to the project such as Amtrak and Sound Transit. Its 242 foot clock tower, modeled after Venice’s Campanile di San Marco, is functional again with the help of local clock hobbyists. The ornate ceiling will be revealed after years behind suspended tiles. A grand staircase will be restored. And, most importantly, King Street Station will continue to serve as a critical public transportation hub. U.W. has a photo from 1943 of the then busy waiting room.

Written by ltao

June 2nd, 2009 at 4:08 am

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