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Cranium, the Seattle company that brought us a multi-faceted game of the same name, was purchased by Hasbro in early 2008. The resulting absorption of the company is now complete with only 8 of the 80 employees at time of acquisition staying with Hasbro. The Seattle office closed on Friday. In 2006 The Seattle Times took readers inside the fun-loving company culture, revealing that they knew of 6 men who have proposed using Cranium, some with custom game cards provided by the company. With funky job titles (the two founders went by Grand Poo Bah and Chief Noodler), an understanding of Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, and a new approach to sell their product first in Starbucks and bookstores, the company mixed fun and smarts in their quest to create games where “Everyone Can Shine.”

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June 1st, 2009 at 4:04 am

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