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Strawberry Harvest 2010


Trader Joe’s had so many brimming large baskets of strawberries for sale that I figured something must be up this season and the not martha post on an abundant harvest triggered me to do a bit of research.  An April A.P. news story from Florida called out weather related factors.  California and Florida growers try to stagger their harvest by planting different varieties at different times.  Florida is usually the largest producer in January and February. California kicks in at springtime.  This year Florida had record cold temperatures early in the year and California had heavy rains.  Florida’s berries peaked late and California had more berries than usual as plants had gone dormant during the rain and then overproduced. The result is a glut of strawberries. A pound of strawberries last year cost $3.49, this year it’s been closer to $1.25.  Closer to home for me and’s Megan, the Whatcom County berry farmers are keeping a close eye on the pollination activity around their strawberry flowers.  They’re expecting a slightly early harvest the first week of June, so keep an eye out at those farmer’s markets.

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May 24th, 2010 at 1:18 am

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