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‘Tis the Season


After a two month break we need to catch up on a few traditional topics, one of which is the usual over-the-top offerings in this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas book. Their 50th His & Hers gift is a Luxury Houseboat (sorry, you have to share it, you don’t get one each) tricked out with a high-end media center, luxury kitchen appliances, and a washer/dryer all for $250,000. For $15,000 you can buy your kids a gingerbread house, life-sized made out of 381 pounds of gingerbread and 517 pounds of icing. If you’ve got $1,500,000 and a boring swimming pool, Dale Chihuly will come over to fix it up with an art installation. It’d be cheaper to buy the houseboat to float in it.

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