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National Forest Tree


If picking out a Christmas tree at the corner lot or driving out to a tree farm is too tame for you, the U.S. Forest Service issues tree-cutting permits at many national forests. Just a few examples: in New Hampshire and Maine’s White Mountain National Forest a $5 permit, some searching and sawing can get you a balsam fir or a spruce. In the Rocky Mountain Region permits are $10 and you have your pick of several national forests. Seattle area folks can head out to Mount Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest for a noble fir or a silver fir (avoid the hemlocks). It’s a lot tougher getting your tree from the wilderness. Tree hunters are advised to dress warmly and bring a four-wheel-drive vehicle or chains. But no chain saws please. Whether you end up using your hard won evergreen as a Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush or something entirely different is up to you.

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