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The Paper Newspaper: Shrink or Disappear?


Broadsheet newspapers have been decreasing their “web width” from the old standard 54 inches to 48, 46, and as small as 44 inches over the last five or so years. The reduction saved costs, was advertised as easier to handle, and didn’t require new presses. Poynter reports than an even smaller option is available: the “three-around”. Current presses are retrofitted to a system that so that “plate cylinders print three sheets in a single revolution, rather than two”.  The result is a paper size that isn’t quite a tabloid, but is significantly smaller than even today’s shrunken broadsheets. The three-around saves newsprint and prints more papers in less time. But the machinery changes are an investment — perhaps better spent on electronic delivery formats?

Written by ltao

June 10th, 2011 at 12:48 am

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