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Ice Cream Economics


Toscanini’s Chocolate No. 3

The Boston Globe connects the price of a simple scoop of ice cream at Toscanini’s in Boston to forces all around the world, from the price of oil from the Middle East to the rising demand for milk in China to the price of grain to feed the dairy cows closer to home in Colrain, Massachusetts. Toscanini’s buys its ice cream mix (the base ingredients), made by Hood, from from Rosev Dairy Foods. Hood buys products from Agri-Mark, a dairy cooperative (they make Cabot cheese). Increasing demand in Asia for U.S. milk has caused prices to rise significantly. The price of sugar is high as well following damage to sugar beet crops in Australia, Russia, and the Ukraine. Toscanini’s is paying 25% more this year for that ice cream mix and their flavoring ingredients are also more expensive. They took pistachios off the menu when the nut hit $10 a pound. But customers are willing to pay more than $4 a scoop for premium ice cream, so Tosci’s is continuing along.  And I’m glad that they’re still serving Chocolate No. 3, the ultimate dark chocolate flavor.

Written by ltao

June 20th, 2011 at 11:12 pm

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