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Coin Advisory


In 2003 Congress established the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee to provide recommendations to the Secretary of the Treasury on the designs of circulated coins, national medals, and commemorative coins. Eleven committee members of different backgrounds, most of course with an interest or specialization in numismatics, serve four year terms. Seattle artist Heidi Wastweet currently fills the position of member “specially qualified in the medallic arts or sculpture.” Her expertise in bas relief sculpture has earned her numerous commissions for medals, plaques, tokens, and coins. Her hope for the CCAC and the future of American coins is that our currency is viewed as an art form, and that the the mint sculptors are treated as artists instead of worker bees in little cubicles at the mint. Her recommendations have included the addition of an art director and improved working environments for the in-house sculptors. Will the art of the coin become more revered as coin usage is gradually replaced by cards and electronic money exchange?

Written by ltao

July 25th, 2011 at 12:12 am

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