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Kids Bumper Ball


In one of those fateful coincidences, right after writing about the ZORB globe I went to a party where the kids were rolling around in a very similar, child-sized version. It’s made by Little Tikes but I can’t find it in their online catalog. Toys”R”Us has it listed with mixed customer reviews that, as might be expected, complain that it is difficult to inflate properly and can lose air. The kids at the party had a blast with it, even when they weren’t getting a turn inside, because they could help push it around without adult help and there was a large, flat lawn to roll around on. One of the transparent cells had lost air, but it didn’t seem to hamper the performance. The advertised weight limit is 150 pounds and we had kids jumping all over it, on top too.¬†A potential problem¬†could be when someone gets trapped inside if there’s too many people squishing them from the top, but we didn’t have unhappy kids, just a lot of delighted screams.

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