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The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor


Christie’s has signed on to auction the late Elizabeth Taylor’s significant collection of jewelry, fashion, art and other memorabilia.¬†It’s expected that most of the proceeds will benefit her AIDs foundation. To build anticipation for this large event, Christie’s is putting the collection on a worldwide¬†tour with stops in Moscow, London, L.A., Dubai, Geneva, Paris, and Hong Kong before coming to rest in New York for a multi-day auction in December 2011. Her jewelry will be sold over two days, then her fashion and accessories. Her art and memorabilia is split between the final sale day in New York and a February sale in London of her Impressionist and Modern art. When the catalogue is published we’ll see whether her diamond tiara, Krupp Diamond (33.19 carats), Peregrina pearl (50 carat), and Taylor-Burton diamond (69.42 carats) will be on the block.

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