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If there’s one place I expect old traditions to die hard, I know it’s at my alma mater, but it’s still nice to see, year after year, the women of Wellesley sacrificing their vocal chords for the morale of the runners in the Boston Marathon. Here are the choice quotes from the papers this year. From the Globe: “‘Nothing can compare to Wellesley.’… The stretch along the route is often cited as one of the more vocal and supportive, as students hit the streets with signs and voices of encouragement for the athletes passing by.” Daily News Tribune: “Bentley College senior Dan Badavus, running in his second marathon, attributed his success to the legendary cheering section from Wellesley College. ‘The Wellesley girls – it was just deafening,’ he said. ‘The noise just gets you going, and you can feel the adrenaline surging.'” And leave it to the Herald to put it all in perspective: “‘This is the best day of the entire year,’ said Emilie Papageorgiou, 22, as she took it all in outside Wellesley College. ‘All that sisterhood crap we talk about all the time is true today.'”