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It’s virtual Broadway in Thousand Oaks, California as The NY Times delves into the use of supplemental electronic music in touring productions. In this somewhat scaled down production of Miss Saigon, the actors are non-Equity and live musicans number twelve (including the operator of the Sinfonia system). Equity touring productions typically make the rounds first, with a larger budget, but there is a market for the leaner productions in smaller locales where local theaters are more willing to guarantee the necessary minimums to the producers. The Sinfonia operator points out that it is unlikely producers would hire more musicians to fill out the sound if the virtual system were unavailable. In other words, he doesn’t feel he is taking away jobs. But as technology improves, better traveling Broadway will be possible with fewer salaries, and the bean counters, the local theaters, and most audience members are not going to complain.

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March 19th, 2003 at 1:00 am

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