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The Amtrak Reform Council was created in 1997 when Congress approved a five-year plan to fund Amtrak. With those five years now at an end, Amtrak has not managed to create a self-sufficient business and has asked for more money. But the Reform Council has recommended a 3-way breakup of Amtrak’s business: 1. policy, 2. overseeing the tracks, property and stations Amtrak owns in the Northeast Corridor, 3. train operations. Bids for franchises to operate various routes would be accepted in two to five years. Amtrak chairman Michael Dukakis (remember him?) would like their proposal to be rejected. Opinions range widely from those wanting to save the long struggling company and those who wouldn’t mind if it just disappeared, with its tracks and routes going to the highest bidder. I love train travel and have seriously considered taking a scenic long distance trip. But air travel is faster and more affordable. I don’t think the government should throw more money at Amtrak, but I do hope that someone brings the glory back to longer distance train travel in the United States.

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