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Hello world!


Welcome to the new digs!  We are on new software (WordPress) and on a new host.  Hopefully there aren’t any glitches but if you’re reading this then at least the most important thing is working.  All posts from the old site have been imported, and although that means old archive links won’t work (I decided not to attempt fancy rewrite rules to keep those functioning), there are better direct links and search. 10 years of complete disregard for post titles threw off my new permalinks though, so I’m stuck with numbers in my links instead of titles (again, I did not attempt fancy rejiggering to remedy that though I’m sure I could’ve instantly titled 4,000+ old posts through a clever SQL statement).  There’s a Twitter widget (it even loads most of the time!) on the sidebar and I have flexibility to add more fanciness as time goes on.  Readers who subscribed to the RSS feed before should not have to change anything.  Enjoy the new place!

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