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Chef TV


Glimpses behind the scenes of two cooking shows form the core of this Boston Globe article about the not-new phenomenon of chefs marketing themselves on television. Ming Tsai tapes his PBS series on the premises of a high-end appliance distributor. Instructors and interns from Johnson & Wales prep his ingredients. Guest Jacques Pepin joins him to saute up a turkey breast and butterfish, then feast on the results with wine and champagne. Over at Joanne Chang’s restaurant kitchen, she welcomes “Ace of Cakes” star Duff Goldman who is taping a new Food Network show “Sugar High.” Crisis strikes when Chang realizes she gave too many fortune cookies samples to the crew and needs more on-air for her recipe. Goldman offers to take the blame by telling viewers that he ate them all. Things are always more perfect than reality after these¬†cooking shows are edited for broadcast.

Written by ltao

July 28th, 2011 at 12:10 am

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