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Seattle Police OverTweet


It’s a strange new social media world when the top headline in the local section of the newspaper is “Police unload volley of tweets“.  Reading almost like an opinion piece (but suitably factual and mostly balanced), the Seattle Times articles says “For 12 hours Tuesday, police bombarded their Twitter followers with nearly every incident reported to officers.”  It was a day of non-stop tweets that illustrated the busy and varied life of the Seattle Police from welfare checks to traffic stops with shoplifting and accidents in between. The 12 hour experiment (and PR exercise) lost @SeattlePD some followers as phones and Twitter clients “blew up” with the constant posts, but a police spokesman says they’ll rejoin.  Since the tweetathon ended, there have only been six tweets. Surely there’s a balance they can strike there, perhaps closer to the six in 24 hours than the six in a minute.

Written by ltao

July 28th, 2011 at 12:50 am

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