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Rising out of the Gap


After a long, successful, relevant run, Gap has been struggling in recent years. They¬†lost their¬†stronghold on American culture, from Saturday Night Live parodies to commercials so hip they made khakis fashionable. Nothing spoke clearer to their loss of touch with current culture than the failure of their new logo launch in October which took all of a few Internet days to be shot down by public opinion. Today they’re launching a new marketing campaign for their 1969 Premium Jeans line. The San Francisco based company went south to Los Angeles for the inspiration and vibe of the campaign. Its L.A. “denim design” office stars in the videos and print ads. They’re also rolling out “Pico de Gap” food trucks serving tacos with store coupons enclosed. If the denim campaign is successful they’ll translate it to the rest of the store’s line. Those of you feeling nostalgic for the Gap of old, try this 5 min video which takes you through 40 years of Gap history from “fall into the Gap” to its success with siblings Old Navy and Banana Republic. It made me realize that the hip style successor to the Gap was not another clothing store: it’s Apple Computer.

Written by ltao

August 1st, 2011 at 1:34 am

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